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Choosing the right material

Often not, when choosing the right surface material for your next interior project boils down to a few factors. This article covers the considerations that one has to think of when choosing the right surface material to do the job.

1. Budget

Yes budget is basically the biggest draw back in the decision making process. Natural wood veneer being the priciest followed by recon wood veneer and followed by laminates (HPL). So if you are staying in a bungalow or you have a high end residential project it will be befitting to use natural wood veneers as your core fit out designs. HPL's are commonly associated with medium to low end developments and no matter how you brand a HPL company the designs are still plastic looking compared to natural wood veneers or engineered veneers.

2. Sizes

The standard sizes of most surface materials are usually 8ft (high) and 4ft (wide). So if you have a ceiling height exceeding 9ft you need materials that are 10 fit high. So not all materials have 10ft as readily available. Of course the price goes up if it is hard to find. So when planning your materials check with suppliers if such lengths are available.

3. Lighting

We often encourage designers to use a similar material throughout a design. If the wall panels are wood veneers, it will look decent if the carpentry cabinets are wood veneers as well. This give a consistent look and also a consistent light reflective index. Plastics (HPL) reflect more light that wood veneers. If you would like to safe cost, it would be best to use wood veneers for surfaces that are seen and use HPL for hidden areas.

4. Color Scheme

When it comes to colours, often not, HPL has the widest range of colours available. However, for wood veneers, as they are wood, carpenters can stain the veneers to the desired colour before varnishing. There will be an additional cost, but it wouldn't really be that much.

5. Usage

Areas where lots of wear and tear may occur, you may prefer to use HPL as it has a durable surface. Areas where there is less wear and tear wood veneer will make and ideal choice. Places infant of the air con is also not suitable for wood veneers as condensation often makes the veneer mouldy.

We hope this article help in making the right choice of material for your next project.

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